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So Crazy It Just Might Work

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Via Orlando Pinstriped Post:

New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul "reached out" to Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard in order to encourage him "to find a way for the two to play together," reports Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, citing sources.

Via the electric mind of one Aykis16:

1st Trade: New Orleans is probably more pliable to a trade, especially if the rumors of Chris Paul demanding a trade to New York are true. New York has no assets that New Orleans would want. New Orleans would be pretty much the same if they let Paul walk instead of trading him to New York.

So Geoff decides it's time to strike and offers New Orleans a package deal for Paul: Tyreke Evans and J.J. Hickson for Paul. New Orleans gets the young potential (super)star to build around, and J.J. himself is oozing with potential as well. Not a bad start to rebuilding if I do say so myself.

2nd Trade: Right now Paul is probably pissed. He did not want to come to Sacramento, but he's all nice about it in the media, being politically correct. Privately, he's told the front office he likely won't seek an extension and is still trying to go to New York.

Petrie's not done yet. He calls Otis Smith. Orlando is going to want a little bit more. DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer Fredette, and (a re-signed) Samuel Dalembert plus the earliest pick we can give them for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu. Otis can either take this offer or an offer from the Lakers to take Bynum and Gasol. He's worried about Bynum's knees though, and also, f*ck the Lakers. He decides to make the deal with Sacramento instead and hope DeMarcus Cousins thrives under Van Gundy and Jimmer is perfect for that system.

Boom. Now the Kings roster looks like this: Dwight, Jason Thompson, Hedo, Salmons and Paul starting, with a main bench rotation of Thornton, Cisco, Chuck Hayes (who we signed) and Isaiah Thomas. Kings will probably need to fill out some more space.

Now Paul and Howard are together and they start having fun without realizing it by being together. The main lineup is made up of solid veterans, and together with Paul and Howard the team advances to the NBA Finals against the Heat, and win in 7 games. Dwight and Paul announce during the victory parade that they are re-signing for 5 more years, and the newest, greatest basketball dynasty starts in Sactown.

Plan the parade, y'all.