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Chuck Hayes Returning To Sacramento, Could Sign Larger Contract From Kings

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This certainly takes the stink off of the Chuck Hayes situation. From Kevin Sherrets of the Kings:

Looks like Chuck Hayes is coming to SAC tomorrow according to coach Westphal. Specific reason not given.

And from ESPN's Marc Stein:

Hayes has not formally announced intention to rejoin Kings but one source says SAC expected to increase previous offer slightly to clinch it.

It could turn out that this was, in fact, an insurance issue, though the specific dramatics involved remain under wraps. (They may remain so if it is an insurance deal; I'm not sure how the law or insurance companies feel about all of this business.) While "slightly" is a relative term, the Kings (without Hayes) are at $44 million in committed salary, $2 million under the payroll floor. Hayes' first-year salary would have been $5 million under the old deal; with the cap at $58 million, there's no real current year cap space worry about raising Hayes' contract.

Let's hope we can officially welcome Purple Hayes back this weekend.