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Kings Announce New Deal With Chuck Hayes

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Late Thursday, the Sacramento Kings announced that the team had reached a deal in principle with Chuck Hayes, who earlier in the day was cleared for action by doctors at the renowned Cleveland Clinic. The announcement came about an hour after Hayes' agent Calvin Andrews told's Sam Amick that a deal had been reached. This story has a very happy ending.

More details about why this happened the way that it did came out in stories by Sam and the Sacramento Bee. Amick reported that the team had six days from the date of signature of the contract to void it due to a failed physical; Hayes was reported to have signed the deal on December 9, and the Kings announced that the deal was voided on December 19, so there must be another wrinkle to that.

The failed physical was purportedly on December 14, which would fit the timeline for a December 19 voiding if the team had six days from the failed physical.

Regardless, there was definitely a deadline that the Kings had to hit to void the deal. That certainly explains why they couldn't send Hayes to the Cleveland Clinic before taking the plunge.

In this episode, the Kings weren't bumbling after all, just snakebitten. Luckily, everything seems to have worked out and the Kings organization is solid enough to make Hayes want to return. I can hear the angels singing from here.