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Paul Westphal Leaned On New Toys In Kings Opener

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Monday night's Kings win over the Lakers was the first opportunity to see how Paul Westphal would manage a fully healthy rotation. John Salmons and Chuck Hayes missed both preseason games, and DeMarcus Cousins and Travis Outlaw each played in just one. But on Monday, Westphal had everyone available. And with two-and-a-half exceptions, he relied almost entirely on the team's new acquisitions.

The Kings' active roster on Monday had five players who began 2010-11 with the team. Only two, Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, played more than seven minutes. Jason Thompson spent seven total minutes up front, while Donte Greene came in for a few seconds at the end of the first half. Francisco Garcia dressed but didn't play.

Marcus Thornton is the other incumbent King winning minutes, as he did after the Kings picked him up last February. But the rest of minutes largely went to newcomers. John Salmons played 30 minutes and Travis Outlaw picked up 18; between those two and some smallball minutes with Evans and even Thornton at small forward, last season's threes were one possession from being shut out. Chuck Hayes played 27 minutes up front, Cousins had 25 and Hickson picked up 22; those three plus Thompson's nominal time and Outlaw's power forward spells accounted for all of that. Garcia couldn't get space in front of Evans, Thornton, Jimmer Fredette (26 minutes) or Isaiah Thomas (13).

Tyreke Evans is basically the only player acquired before the 2010 draft in the Kings rotation. That's pretty amazing.