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Kings vs. Bulls Preview: I AIN'T SHOW OFF I JUST SHOW UP

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MVP? Oh yeah
D-Rose made that leap for sure
Will Tyreke follow?

Chicago Bulls at Sacramento Kings
The Gymmer, Sacramento
7 p.m. Pacific, Comcast SportsNet California

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls continue their West Coast road trip in Sacramento on Thursday as the Kings return home after a brief jaunt to Portland. That jaunt wasn't all roses, as Sacramento's offense collapsed in the second half, its transition defense fell apart and the Blazers aced a win.

But momentum is mental, and a rocking gym in Natomas can switch the tracks. The team was so good on Monday at home that it's hard to imagine they'll carry over more from the Portland stink than the Lakers blossom. Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans were both bad in Portland; the Bulls have an exceptional defense, but can it last, especially with Rip Hamilton starting? Every Bull is a threat, but Sacramento has looked surprisingly good on defense, and outside of Rose, there's no player to be panicked about.

Rose is definitely someone to panic about, though. A brilliant driver and solid shooter, he's what we hope Evans to become ... and we know how much of a monster Tyreke can be already. Rose is fully formed and a problem. You can count on a player like Kobe taking tough shots that, if they miss, doom an offense. Rose will take a tough shot or two, but he's more likely to try to force it down your throat. He tends to be effective at doing so. There's a lot less margin for error against an offense featuring that sort of aggression, especially without a shotblocker on the floor. (#freehassan) (#notreally)

On the other end, using ball movement to stretch the Bulls' rotations until they break is the best bet, though attacking Carlos Boozer is a close second. Chuck Hayes isn't a huge offensive threat, or at least hasn't been for the Kings though we know he can do a few things. To minimize Boozer's offensive capacity, trying to goad him into foul trouble by attacking from the perimeter could be something the Kings look to do. Praying deep jumpers off the dribble fall is another option, albeit one doomed to fail many nights.

Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Recap afterward. Let's go Kings!