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Things To Love And Not Love About J.J. Barea

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The Kings have reportedly expressed interest in J.J. Barea. Here are some things to love and not love about J.J. Barea.


1. He is from Puerto Rico, and the great majority of people from Puerto Rico happen to be awesome.

2. Lakers fans totally despise him. (This is worth several points.)

3. His nickname (courtesy of Matt Moore) is Jub.


1. Everything else, specifically:

a. He is yet another high-usage, low-efficiency player, of which the Kings now have roughly 72.

b. He traditionally does not attack the rim successfully, which means that his quickness is mostly irrelevant.

c. Though he is considered a pest defensively, he is roughly 5'10, and as such has trouble challenging shooters, of which there are many in the NBA.

d. Signing him erases the need to also sign Marcus Thornton. :-( :-( :-(

e. Signing him could drop Isaiah Thomas from consideration for the rotation early on. :-(

f. He's not a great three-point shooter (career 35.5 percent).

g. In any role, he's a sincere downgrade from Beno Udrih, unless that role is "substitute football for the team picnic," in which case Barea is indeed an upgrade, because Beno Udrih is really difficult to throw more than 5-6 yards.

h. The team traded Beno Udrih, in part, we assume, to free up rotation space for Jimmer Fredette. J.J. Barea would seem to occupy that same area that the Kings sought to clear.

i. Every dollar spent on Barea is a dollar that can't be spent upgrading real positions of need, like "efficient scorer" or "guard who can defend exceptionally well." Backcourt scorer is not a position of need, assuming Marcus Thornton returns.

j. Two J.J.s, one team? BWAAA.


Barea could also be an insurance policy against losing Marcus Thornton. Needless to say, I'd much rather have MT than a similarly-priced or just slightly cheaper Barea. If the Kings keep Thornton and sign Barea, I'm going to be terribly confused.