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The Kings Are Not OK, You Guys

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After two weeks of training camp, the bulk of which was performed without two members of the starting lineup, things are not OK for the Sacramento Kings, you guys.

With a 1-2 record against three no-doubt playoff teams over four days, one of them on the road, things are not OK, you guys.

Being held to a 103.7 offensive rating against the Chicago Bulls, the reigning best defense in the league, is not OK.

Losing by 10 to the team that finished with the NBA's best record is not OK.

Following an emotional home win with a road loss against a strong team with an incredible home record is not OK.

Running out of steam in the second half of the second game of a back-to-back is not OK.

Struggling to come together as a cohesive attack when two of the team's rotation players were with the team before last season and just four suited up for the Kings last season is not OK.

A starting backcourt that has played fewer than 15 games together should be able to beat championship contenders.

21-year-old centers should always make the right play!

22-year-old point guard should always dominate, even against the reigning MVP!

Losses are unacceptable, because we were promised more!

I want my cake before I finish my dinner because because because!


Chill, brothers and sisters. We've been through much worse than a 10-point home loss to one of the best teams on the planet. We've been through much worse than two-game losing streaks, 1-2 records or 1-1 home records. The Kings are going to win again, maybe even this season. The Kings are going to go on two-game skids again, maybe even this season. The marathon isn't won in the first half, and there is plenty of time to let the season unfurl.

Tyreke Evans hasn't been great. DeMarcus Cousins' field goal percentage is low. The assist numbers are bad. Both the defense and offense rank poorly. Transition defense has been a mess, and the halfcourt offense leaves quite a bit to be desired.

But hey: Donté Greene has a PER of 97.6. Everything will be OK, you guys.