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24Q: Is Isaiah Thomas A Rotation Player?

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Regular readers of the site know that I was clamoring for the Kings to draft Isaiah Thomas for a couple months before the draft. I was ecstatic when he slipped to us at 60, and I personally have high hopes for him.

Through his three years at Washington, Isaiah was the focal point of the Husky offense, both playing the role as leading scorer and playmaker. The playmaking is why I think the answer to the question of whether or not he can become a rotation player is yes.

Last year, Isaiah made a huge leap in terms of facilitating for his team, almost doubling his assists per game and keeping his scoring load the same. His turnovers didn't go up much either, and he had a 2:1 Assist:TO ratio. Of all the players drafted last year, only Darius Morris (41st pick to the Lakers) averaged more assists.

Isaiah needs to expand on this growth in the NBA. The one thing small, undersized point guards can really excel in is as playmakers thanks to their speed and quickness, which Isaiah has in abundance. Scoring will be a secondary need on this team, and as long as he can hit his open jumpers (something Pooh Jeter, for example, was not able to do consistently), anything else he gives us will be gravy.

There will be a learning curve, to be sure. But with Jimmer Fredette, Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton all looking to score the ball, the Kings have the perfect change-of-pace Point Guard ready to come in off the bench and run the team in Isaiah.