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Add Nick Young To Kings' 'Interest In Inefficient Score-First Guards' Club

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Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports that the Sacramento Kings are among the teams interesting in the Wizards' restricted free agent guard Nick Young. If you're counting, Jamal Crawford is now the last NBA free agent guard with a subpar shooting efficiency to be chased by the Kings. That's almost not an exaggeration.

Mike Prada of Bullets Forever -- who is actually a Young fan -- lists the guard's deficiencies pretty bluntly: he doesn't have court vision (the only rotation guard with a lower assist rate last season was Jodie Meeks; yes, even Kevin Martin earned assists more regularly), he doesn't attack the rim and finish or draw fouls, he doesn't defend effectively off the ball. For the Kings, those are red flags.

He's a scorer, basically ... but not an efficient one. He shoots well from long-range (38 percent last year, 38 percent for his career), but he has bad shot selection on his two-pointers and doesn't get to the line that well. That results in a below-average .538 True Shooting percentage. He's pretty close to Marcus Thornton, really, though Thornton is younger and has been a high-usage scorer in both of his pro seasons; Young just hit the 20 points per 36 minutes level last year after three years at 17 or below.

Young's not a bad player. But "not a bad player" shouldn't be the criteria the Kings chase in this vital offseason. This isn't to say that the Kings' interest is real or accurate; agents spin like Jupiter's moons. Obviously, we aren't going to judge Geoff Petrie's offseason based on the rumors of whom he expresses interest in. This is all about the prospect of Young, not the prospect of the rebuilt Kings.