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Kings Can Pretty Much Rule Out Clippers RFA DeAndre Jordan

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The Sacramento Kings are in the market for another big man, preferably one with defensive tendencies. So far, Sacramento has been mentioned as expressing interest in both the Rockets' Chuck Hayes and the Mavericks' Tyson Chandler. Following those names, one would assume that at some point someone -- an agent, most likely -- would float the Kings as a suitor for DeAndre Jordan, the restricted free agent center of the L.A. Clippers.

I think that at this point you can rule the Kings right out. From Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Clippers offer 5 years, $40M to keep RFA DeAndre Jordan, sources tell Y! Still, he's destined to sign offer sheet and force them to match.

Jordan's a nice little player, one of the league's best shotblockers, a solid rebounder and a credible garbage man around the rim. But he's a foul machine, still has a long, long way to go as a team defender and could suffer from being taken away from a finisher like Blake Griffin.

Forty million over five years is a steep pricetag for a largely unproven roleplaying defensive big man. Considering that a team will have to exceed that to get him to sign, and then still run the risk of losing him to the Clippers anyway, I just don't see the Kings going that direction. Given that any offer sheet from another club can't be longer than four years, he's going to want more than the $40 million guaranteed that L.A. is offering. Four years, $42-45 million? You missed your exit in Yikes City, buddy.