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24Q: Where Will You Be on December 13th?

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Yesterday we had a 1000+ comment thread on an NBA Free Agency that technically hasn't even started yet. There was also a 500+ comment thread regarding Chuck Hayes, who we may or may not have even signed. Obviously, people are super excited about basketball being back, and more importantly the Kings being back.

But the war to keep the Kings in Sacramento rages on. Yes, December 26th will be "Here We Stayed" night, but it will be on December 13th that "Here We Stayed" will actually start to really mean something. At the meeting, the Sacramento city council will take a vote on whether to go forward with funding an arena using parking revenue. This meeting is critical. If the city council does not vote for it, arena funding could be in jeopardy and the team may very well relocate. However if it does pass, it is a huge step forward, perhaps the biggest step yet, in getting a new Entertainment & Sports Complex in Sacramento and keeping the Kings here forever.

You can help. On Dec. 13th, please attend the Sacramento City Council meeting to show your support. Bring your friends, family, everyone you know that can make it. Even better, if you do go, volunteer to speak and let the council know what a new ESC means to you.

Free Agency, Trades, Jimmer, none of that matters if we can't keep the team here. I don't know about you guys, but I do NOT want to go through the same crap we went through last year. I want this team to be here for a long, looong time, and the only way that will happen is with a new Entertainment and Sports Center.

So come to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 6 PM. I cannot emphasize how important this is.

Here. We. Stay.