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Why Did Kings Renounce Rights To Samuel Dalembert?

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The Sacramento Kings have announced that the team has renounced its rights to Samuel Dalembert and the team's other, non-Marcus Thornton free agents. Renouncing Pooh Jeter, Marquis Daniels and Darnell Jackson is not a big deal at all. But Dalembert was recently considered a candidate to re-sign with the club. The Chuck Hayes deal would seem to eliminate that possibility. But then there's a sign-and-trade.

By renouncing Dalembert, the Kings essentially tear up his Bird rights, which means under no circumstance will he get a five-year deal this offseason. That's got to tweak Sam and his agent just a little, though quotes floating around have indicated Dalembert isn't too broken up. But what's the purpose of renouncing Dalembert for the Kings? Why bother make that move right now, right at the start of free agency?

Dalembert had a massive salary cap hold of $19 million. The Kings had a salary figure (including Jimmer Fredette) of $31 million. Add those up and you have $50 million. The salary cap is at $58 million. To sign Marcus Thornton ($7 million or so) and Chuck Hayes ($5 million) under the cap, the team needed to clear $3 million in salary or cap holds. Renouncing Dalembert's rights gets rid of that problem.

While there's nothing to preclude the Kings from making a big move, renouncing Dalembert should not be read into on that tip. The Kings need to do it to sign Thornton and Hayes before the team's first practice on Saturday.