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Amick: Marcus Thornton Contract Worth $31-33 Million Over Four Years

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Marcus Thorton will indeed remain with the Sacramento Kings, but according to Sam Amick of the deal will be for $33 million over four years. ESPN has previously inaccurately reported that the deal would be for five years, $40 million.

The new numbers increase the annual commitment a hair, but shrink the length to just four years. We still don't know how the contract will be structured and as such what the cap hit for each season will be, but the general idea is the same: the Kings need to spend a little more to reach the salary floor, but have about $11 million or so to play with under the cap.

Thornton will be 27 when the deal expires, young enough for another big deal if he performs well. Barring further deals, Thornton will likely the opening day start at shooting guard between Tyreke Evans and John Salmons. Many expect that at some point Jimmer Fredette will get a look as the starting point guard with Evans shifting to the two-guard and Thornton coming off of the bench.

UPDATE: Amick later tweeted that it may be for $31 million. Can we call this the incredible shrinking deal?