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Kings Look for Third Straight As Celtics Visit

The Kings probably have no business knocking off the L.A. Lakers and the New Orleans Hornets in a back-to-back. To do so, and then request the young, feisty, upstart Kings to knock off the Boston Celtics? The probability of that happening is lo--

Wait, is that? Is that ... the Rally Graph?


Some of you have made fun me and my graph. Some of you take pleasure in its failure to predict outcomes. To you, I say:

2-0 since the Rally Graph debuted. Two. And. Oh.

Our Kings take on those bully Celtics at 7 PM Pacific, with a packed house expected. HighTops breaks it all down. It's good to see the building fill up (even though many of the fans will be rooting for the Kelly green -- a 2008-09 C's game sold out in Sacramento, too). These kids deserve an audience, and as they continue to rise, so will the decibel level inside ARCO. Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Let's go Kings.