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Thunder Rolls Into Sacramento To Face Kings

You take your Grateful Dead, and I'll reference Garth Brooks. That's a joke, of course. I'm more of a Chris Gaines man, myself. The Sacramento Kings are definitely into Slayer right now, having slayed the mighty Lakers and Hornets before close losses to the Celtics, pre-Sloan'd Jazz and Mavericks. Them Spurs, they hate rock and roll, and won't abide my awful play on words. (Mega)deth to the Spurs!

Oklahoma City is currently the West's No. 4 team, edging betwixt the Mavericks and Hornets, each of whom has been going in opposite directions. The Thunder have been rather steady all season -- steadily good. The young team has found consistency, led by Kevin Durant and newly stable Russell Westbrook. The team's defense is still erratic (and worse than it was last year); if the Kings have a shot, it's in establishing a strong offensive flow. The Kings are best defensively where the Thunder rely the least; no OKC center will punish you, so Samuel Dalembert use may be limited to cutting off KD and Russ' drives.

Check out HighTops' scouting report. Game's at 7, game threads are at 7 and 8:30. For those StR Night IV'ing it up, have a great time!