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Kings Face Suns Feeling Nothing But Love And Respect For One Another

The Sacramento Kings take their warm and fuzzy feelings over another great performance to Phoenix, where they'll face the Suns. The Kings lost by two to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday, a valiant effort lost by a just missed three-pointer by the incredible Tyreke Evans. Evans was brilliant all game long, but couldn't nail the jumper. DeMarcus Cousins was fouled on the rebound attempt by Nick Collison, who looks and acts like a bouncer at a Frankfurt metal club, but the officials had tickets for the 10:15 showing of Gnomeo and Juliet at Century Theatres downtown, and getting a cab at ARCO is a nightmare.

The Kings have regrouped with a friendly conversation about their own play in the closing minutes, with Cousins and Donte Greene each making excellent points. A 90-minute flight to Phoenix highlighted by tea cakes and a gentleman's round of Backgammon has certainly gotten the team focused on closing the deal in the Valley of the Sun.

Cousins himself, unfortunately, will remain in Sacramento, as his troublesome Unprofesssionalness as acted up. The last flare-up in late December briefly knocked Boogie into limited minutes off the bench, but he recovered as treatment has kept it at bay. But it flared up again on Saturday, and kept Cousins from making the flight to Phoenix. He reportedly had tea cakes of his own at home, and played Internet Hearts with Pooh Jeter during the team's flight.

Check out HighTops' scouting report for details on that which awaits the Kings in Phoenix. Because Arizonans don't believe in Santa Claus, this will be a 5 PM Pacific start. Game threads at 5 and 6:30. Enjoy the sun, Kings fans.