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Paul Westphal Rips Media Over DeMarcus Cousins Coverage

Friend of StR James Ham got a phone interview with Kings coach Paul Westphal after Tuesday night's debacle in Oklahoma City. Westphal unloaded on the media and, ahem, blogs for misrepresenting the events of Saturday night, when DeMarcus Cousins reportedly had words and fists with Donte Greene and was later pulled off of the team plane as it prepared to depart for Phoenix.

Here's Westphal on what happened on the plane.

What happened was, when Cisco [Francisco Garcia] saw that DeMarcus wasn't on the plane, he went over by the security gate and said "what's going on?" and he was told that because of the incident, DeMarcus wouldn't be traveling with the team so he went over to DeMarcus and told him to hang in there.

There was no confrontation, he was going over to DeMarcus to support his teammate. That's all that happened. It's just unbelievable that anything was made of that. You just wonder how the media or bloggers got a hold of anything and how it's processed. It's incredible that going over to your teammate, that's not traveling, and telling him to hang in there, has now been turned into a mutiny.

There's plenty more, including a not-so-subtle Ricky Rubio dig at ... well, you know who. Must-read material from Ham.