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Kings Could File For Relocation To Anaheim, But All Is Not Lost ... Yet

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Reporters including Sam Amick have cited sources as well as Commissioner David Stern's comments Saturday indicating that the Maloofs are indeed considering relocation to Anaheim as early as next season. The deadline to file is March 1. There is just one home game before then, Feb. 28 against the L.A. Clippers.

We intend to help sell out that game.

Here We Stay, the crew of bloggers and fans led by Blake Ellington and fully supported by Sactown Royalty, want to do everything in our power to get the Feb. 28 game sold out. So buy a ticket! We have no clue if we're going to get any deals cut by the franchise on blocks of seats, because we have no idea how the franchise is going to react to this latest bit of news, so we're asking any fan who can buy a ticket or two to do so. There are many seats both beautiful and cheap available. Want to bring your family or friends to a game? NOW IS THE TIME. SERIOUSLY. NOW OR POSSIBLY NEVER.

There's are tons of seats left, and this is going to be a herculean task. We'll design some placards and organize our in-arena plan as the date approaches. But right now? We need people to buy tickets. We need seats filled with fans who don't want this team -- THEIR TEAM -- to be lost. It's now or never. NOW.


UPDATE: We're now accepting donations. We'll buy as many tickets as possible and donate them to fans who can't afford it and any leftovers to the local Boys and Girls Club. CLICK HERE TO DONATE VIA CHIPIN.