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Here We Stay: Sell Out ARCO On Feb. 28 (Update)

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A few updates on Here We Stay Night at ARCO Arena on February 28:

* Y'all are awesome! We raised more than $500 in like 10 hours on a Sunday of a holiday weekend. Crazy! Thanks to all the donors. Every dollar counts. We are definitely still taking donation.

* It's almost time to hand out those tickets. If you'd like to go but can't afford to, please e-mail your name and how many tickets you need to First come, first served (once we have the tickets procured). All that we ask is that you definitely attend and that you definitely support the Kings LOUDLY. Parking is $10, and we have no way of covering that, but we'll set up a thread to organize carpools this week.

* We're buying tickets as the money comes in, so you'll know ASAP if we have tickets for you.

* If you want to buy tickets for yourself, your friends or your family, this is the link. Using "Kings" as an offer code will waive your TicketMaster fees, thanks to the team. (Thanks, team!) You can literally get two tickets for $20 with the fees waived. Such a good deal. (You can also call the Kings' box office, and some members have included their ticket rep's info in these threads. If you looking to go lower-level, you're probably better off calling it in. More wiggle room down there.) UPDATE: The fee waiver is for group rates -- 20 tickets or more -- only. We'll be utilizing the special for the tickets we're buying with donation money, but it won't help you with a pair of individual tickets, unfortunately.

* We're working directly with a Kings exec to get as many tickets as possible for your donated money. Stay tuned.

* I'll be on the Rise Guys on Tuesday morning to talk about the effort. We're also trying to get Grant Napear to discuss this. Here We Stay has already managed to get Grant and Bobby Jackson to retweet notes about the effort. Let's make sure everyone knows. Spread the word any way you can.

* I'm designating ed_m7 as our spirit bro. He's going to start a thread soon to help brainstorm chants/ways to spread the STAY message inside ARCO. Getting the gym full is the first step. Making our voices heard is the second. So start thinking of ways we can do this.