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Here We Stay! Update: Closing In On Sell-Out

The Kings' next home game on Feb. 28 against the Clippers is nearing a sell-out (less than 1,500 tickets left), thanks in part to you wonderful, wonderful people. Many of you have purchased tickets for yourselves, your friends and your families. Many (many!) of you have made extraordinarily generous donations to our fund to get tickets for fans who can't afford it right now. We were able today to buy 80 tickets (!) for fans who emailed in their requests. (We cleaned up the cheapest slate of group tickets and made good progress on the next level.)

A Monday night in February against the Clippers, who'd be in last place in the Pacific if it weren't for the Kings. And we're selling this m-----f----r out.


* If you emailed a request for donated tickets, we'll be emailing instructions in order of those who first contacted us. Stay tuned. If you don't get a response in the next day, you may get included in the next round. If you do get an email and you can't make it to the game or are uncertain, we really, really need you to immediately reply to that email taking your name off the list. We don't want anyone to be paying for empty seats.

* We're still taking donations, and hope to make another ticket order later this week. We'd love to get to 100 donated tickets (if the game doesn't sell out first).

* KHTK has some special plans for Monday. Stay tuned. You'll wet yourself in excitement.

* We're asking fans (so far) to wear white or purple. Feel free to bring tasteful signs expressing the positive message of Here We Stay. Be ready to chant, be ready to sing. Be ready to cheer your tail off. Show up early if you can! Get a real buzz going in the parking lot and arena and mingle with others who want to save the Sacramento Kings.

* Letters to elected officials and the Maloofs are still vital. Blake Ellington has a template.

* KHTK covered the heck out of the arena situation this morning. Check out interviews with Mayor Kevin Johnson, Sam Amick and some schlub named Tom Ziller.