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Heat Rinse Hands, Pound Kings

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The Miami Heat suffer few fools, and certainly not fools like a Sacramento Kings team to lazy to rotate on defense or attempt to get back in transition or work for good shots. The Kings were, for the most part, lazy against the Heat, especially in the first half, when Sacramento needed to play its best to stay in screaming range. The result? 117-97. No chance.

DeMarcus Cousins was rather rough early, picking up his third foul in the second quarter, missing his first six shots and shooting just 3-14 on the game. Without Tyreke Evans, without Carl Landry (who, scroll down, is headed to New Orleans for Marcus Thornton), that's not going to get it done. We rely on youth to be consistent and keep the team in games. Youth -- our youth, at least -- isn't consistent. So sometimes we're not going to be in games.

Samuel Dalembert played well, and I guarantee Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley wish they could kidnap him. It's odd that the Kings now have two really solid centers, yet remain so bad. The team is like this crazy pendulum swinging between "guard-heavy" and "big-heavy." We could really use some balance, and I hope the Landry-Thornton deal helps that.

The Kings next play Wednesday in Orlando.