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Sacramento Kings Come Up With Huge Upset Win At Orlando Magic

As we at home wring hands about the future of the franchise, the Sacramento Kings -- without star guard Tyreke Evans, departing forward Carl Landry or incoming guard Marcus Thornton -- pulled off a rockin' upset victory over the Orlando Magic, 111-106. The Kings trailed 96-94 midway through the fourth quarter. But behind the famed and feared frontline of Samuel Dalembert and Jason Thompson, the Kings ran off a 16-6 run to take the lead for good.

Notably absent in the run was DeMarcus Cousins, who had a weird (not in a good way) game with nine points on 2-7 shooting, seven rebound, five assists and four turnovers in 25 foul-riddled minutes. Playing against Dwight Howard will do that to you; that the Kings were able to turn to Dalembert for roughly the fourth or fifth time in the past couple weeks was awesome.

Dalembert finished 17-9; he had foul issues of his own. Jason Thompson racked up 17 points and five assists, and clearly dominated his match-up with the fine Brandon Bass (five points in 24 minutes). Thompson, when locked in, really adds another dimension to the team. Unfortunately, because of a myriad of issues (including those which lay within J.T.), that doesn't happen often.

Beno Udrih (18 and 10) and Jermaine Taylor (21 on 9-12) were fantastic, and Luther Head was in the game for the crucial fourth quarter run. Omri Casspi shot well, too. Backs against the wall, little hope and no space for error, and the Kings won.

Hope it's a story replicated in Sacramento in the next week.

Check out Aykis' recap at SB Nation Bay Area. The ever-excellent Evan Dunlap has recapped the game from the Magic side, as well.