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Kreidler: Kings Will Ask For Extension To Relocation Deadline

Mark Kreidler of KHTK's The Rise Guys and reports that the Sacramento Kings will ask for an extension to the March 1 deadline on filing a relocation application for next season. The Kings have reportedly met with Anaheim officials recently, and are rumored to be strongly considering a move to Orange County in advance of the 2011-12 season.

The extension request is not a great thing, because it means that the Maloofs are indeed considering a move. But it's a good thing in that most around the team considered the franchise gone, with little room for hope. That the Maloofs aren't convinced Anaheim is the right move, or that Sacramento is a lost cause is a good thing for Kings fans.

Of course, this reported decision also prolongs Kings fans' torture. But it means there's still an opportunity to show the Kings how much Sacramento supports them. The best way to do that: buy tickets for upcoming home games!