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Kings Trade For Marquis Daniels, Who Is Injured And Won't Play This Season

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The Sacramento Kings made just a minor trade at the deadline, getting Marquis Daniels from the Boston Celtics for cash. Daniels was injured earlier this month, suffering a bruised spine. He's not expected to play the rest of the season, and his contract ends at season's end. He gets the Kings past the salary floor.

However, he could veto the trade as a player on a one-year contract whose early Bird rights are at stake. The Kings are highly unlikely to sign Daniels this offseason, meaning that Daniels probably has good reason to veto the trade. If he does, however, I'm told the Kings wouldn't need to sign a cheap player or disperse money to the current players as there's a way around it.

Stay tuned. Either way, it looks as if Samuel Dalembert will indeed finish the season in Sacramento.

UPDATE: Daniels will not veto the trade.