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NBA Confirms Relocation Deadline Extension For Kings

The NBA confirmed that the Sacramento Kings have requested and been granted an extension to the relocation deadline previously set for March 1. Mark Kreidler of KHTK's The Rise Guys reported as much Thursday morning.

"The Sacramento Kings have requested an extension of the March 1 deadline to give Kings ownership the opportunity to discuss their options with the Board of Governors at its April 14 - 15 meeting," the NBA said in a statement. "The Board is currently considering the Kings' request."

The Kings' regular season ends April 14. That the Maloofs want to discuss their options with the other owners is new and interesting, but doesn't give much insight into which way the Maloofs are leaning. It's also worth noting that the April 14-15 meeting is before the deadline for David Taylor and ICON to report to the city of Sacramento on the feasibility of a downtown arena.