Here We Stay! - Looking for volunteers

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're getting there. We have increased the twitter followers for Here We Stay about 4 times, we have gotten shoutouts by almost every respected blogger on Twitter, and we've gotten support from Bobby Jax, Omri Casspi, Donte Greene, Scott Pollard, Grant Napear, and many others. Also, thanks to everyone that donated we've raised over 1,700 dollars that will be used to buy tickets to the game; that's amazing. We have banners, posters, signs, and a nice chant flier that we need make sure reaches everyone that's going to the game. Here We Stay night is almost here

Personally, I'm going to judge the success of the night by how loud Arco is going to be. I want to come back home and read all the comments from those who couldn't make it about how they were able to hear our chants and how they felt through their TVs or computers that the place was rocking like old times. I want to read the twitter feeds of reporters covering the game acknowledging how loud it is and what kind of chants we're using. I want to make sure this is a positive night for our team, the city, and for us, fans, as well. For this to be accomplished I need a couple things from the StR faithful:

First, we need to post this chant flier (found on the front page) everywhere! Twitter, facebook, blogs, and every other media places we may have access too. Hell, even go to the sacbee and post something there. Contact TV stations, radio, newspapers, and give them the link. Also, print them out yourselves and make as many copies as possible to distribute around your sections if you're going to the game. 20, 100, 500, or 2,000, it doesn't matter; every single flier counts.

Also, let's not forget to keep pushing the fact that we're trying to have people wear either white or purple for the night. That's gonna be tough to accomplish, but let's keep trying to pass that info out as well.

Second, and most important, I need some help before the game. I want to not only hand out some fliers outside/inside the arena, but I also want to make sure, all signs and banners donated to us are being distributed to those who want to carry some. If you're willing to help out before the game (I'm guessing by 5.30-6) please send me an email at Once I receive all emails I will stay in communication with you all that volunteered to set a game plan.

As always, if I forgot something I'll update this post. We're getting close, everyone. Let's do this!

Here We Stay!!


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