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Here We Stay: Tickets Update

We made the final purchase with donated money on Friday, bringing the total to 86 tickets purchased. We sold out the entire group rate allotment and then some in raising more than $1,800. You are all champions! If you requested donated tickets, check your email -- you might be one of lucky ones that landed the latest round.

Reminder to those who did receive an email saying you got the donated tickets: pick them up at will call on Monday. Tell them you have group tickets, give them your name and be prepared to show photo ID. And then cheer your asses off during the game.

Remember to, if you can, wear white or purple, and, if you can, to print out copies of the Here We Stay chant flyer for your neighbors at the arena. If you can get to the arena early, check Ed's volunteer thread to find out how you can help before the game.

And remember: tickets are still available (including Standing Room Only). 1-888-91-KINGS. Let's fill it to the brim!