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Clippers Visit As Sacramento Kings Fans Make Our Plea

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Tonight is, of course, Here We Stay Night at the ol' gas pump. It's the final game in which Sacramento's gym will be known as ARCO Arena; more importantly, it's a game that passionate Kings fans managed to (almost*) sell out ... in February ... on a Monday night ... against the Clippers. Kudos! (The almost* means that there are actually still a few tickets -- many of them Standing Room Only -- available. Hit up the box office to nab them.)

Thousands of Sacramento Kings fans will be in ARCO to let the Maloofs know that Sacramento loves the Kings and the NBA. The entire Here We Stay campaign, led by Blake Ellington, has been focused on presenting a positive message to the Maloofs about why they ought to commit to our city long-term, and why they ought to work with city leaders to get a gym built. The campaign has also sought to show city leaders how engaged fans are, and that will continue as David Taylor and ICON work out whether a downtown arena is feasible.

But for now, there's a game. The Clippers and Blake Griffin (or is it "Blake Griffin and the Clippers"?) visit, and suffer the brunt of our voiceboxes. We'll be chanting those wonderful chants about SACRAMENTO and STAYING IN SACRAMENTO, but we'll also be welcoming Marcus Thornton, and welcoming our team home (HOME!) and cheering for a big fat W. Let's do it!

HighTops is back! Woo!

Game threads at 7 and 8:30. We'll have a thread for those at the game in the FanPosts in case we need some last-minute coordination.

Let's stay Kings!