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Here We Stay: What Happens Next

What a rousing success. !!!

We're not done.

1. You buy tickets for games. You encourage your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors who are even remotely interested in sports or basketball (preferably both!) to buy tickets for games. Call the box office (1-888-91-KINGS) to ask about packages and discounts. Take a group of your kid's friends. Fill those seats, and cheers for the Sacramento Kings.

2. You write letters to your elected officials, especially your city councilmen and councilwomen and your county supervisors. You tell them how much the Sacramento Kings mean to you, and you encourage them to work with Mayor Johnson, the Maloofs and the business community to build a vital events center soon. Here We Stay on Facebook has contact info.

3. You write letters to the Sacramento Bee. You -- if you have a strong stomach -- dispute the horribly false lies of the "no new arena" crew that festers within the comments. You talk about your support of the Sacramento Kings on Facebook, on Twitter. You encourage others to be loud and proud.

4. You write to or call local businesses, and ask them how much having an entertainment venue like ARCO/PBP and an attraction like NBA basketball means to them, with it be as a vendor or as a location at which to woo clients. You ask them to do everything in their power to help convince the Kings to stay, from buying tickets to taking out an ad. Let's get the business community involved.

5. You wear Kings gear when you can. (Board meeting? Great opportunity for Sacramento Kings sweats! Wedding? Try on that Sacramento Kings visor!) Support the team.

6. You stay tuned.

Let's rally Sacramento. Let's make Monday the beginning, not the end. HERE WE STAY! HERE WE STAY!