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Kings Face Another Titan As Spurs Visit

ARCO Arena should again be packed to the gills (do concrete barns have gills? if not, how do they breathe?!) as the Sacramento Kings host the San Antonio Spurs. If I may, a word of clarification on that monstrosity I posted this morning ...

I didn't mean to produce an air of pessimism about the current team or players. It's more about the plan -- that some big-dollar player will swoop in and "save" us. I watched the Nets land Farmar, Outlaw, Petro and Morrow. I saw the Clippers sign Foye and Gomes. I fear. I am an easily frightened man. That's my point with all that. I fear.

I also fear the Spurs!

But I love the Spurs, mostly because they've been a thorn in L.A.'s side this millennium. Without the Spurs, the Lakers might have one or two more titles (given rest/injury issues in 2004). If the Spurs are causing the Lakers heartache, I'm OK with the Spurs. There are greater evils than Bruce Bowen. Few, but they exist.

On occassion of Spurs vs. Kings, JRW from Pounding The Rock and I talked about Beno Udrih's lateral quickness and inability to get through screens, DeMarcus Cousins' roller coaster ride and more. Be sure to check out the insightful thing JRW has to say about the Spurs. It's interesting to see how Spurs fans, spoiled with success, are reacting to this unexpectedly incredible season.

Your friend and mine Aykis16 will be on press row tonight. Follow him on Twitter: @Aykis16. (That's hard to remember!) Check out HighTops' scouting report. The game tips at 7 PM, and we'll have game threads at 7 and 8:30. Go Kings.