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Ranking the Kings' Trade Assets

Last year around this time, I ranked the Sacramento Kings' assets top to bottom as we approached the trade deadline. The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 24, and trade rumors are likely to pick up, even for a patient team like Sacramento, a team waiting for July (or the end of the lockout).

But instead of me decreeing the order of the Kings' assets, let's first hear from you. Rank the Kings' assets -- players (taking contract size and length into account), draft picks and cap space -- top to bottom in the comments, and please discuss your choices. (Feel free to leave out non-factors like Luther Head, if you want. Sorry, Lu.) You can also vote in the poll on who or what you think is the Kings' top asset right now.

We'll discuss this more this week. It should be complementary to Aykis16's epic work (East | West) on other teams' trade assets and needs.