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NBA Extends Sacramento Kings' Relocation Deadline To April 18

The Maloofs will have until April 18 to decide whether to file for relocation to move the Sacramento Kings before next season, the NBA announced Tuesday. The Maloof family requested an extension of the March 1 deadline in order to discuss the franchise's options with fellow franchise owners at league meetings scheduled for April 14-15.

If the Maloofs do file for relocation, the Sacramento Kings could be moved before the 2011-12 season, assuming the 2011-12 season isn't canceled by a lockout. The Maloofs have been trying to get a new arena in Sacramento approved for years, but disengaged from the process about two years ago. The NBA stepped in, and John Moag devised a plan with a developer to pitch an ambitious land swap that would have landed Cal Expo at the current arena site, a new NBA building downtown, and residential and commercial development at the current Cal Expo. But the Cal Expo board rejected the plan outright, and the NBA slinked away.

David Stern told reports at All-Star Weekend in mid-February that the Maloofs were talking to Anaheim about a potential move. No one can tell whether the Maloofs are actively negotiating with Anaheim or are still weighing whether to stick it out in Sacramento while David Taylor and ICON work on a feasibility/funding study for a potential downtown arena.

Meanwhile, a fan-driven effort sold out the Sacramento Kings' Monday game against the Clippers.