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Can Kings Win At Power Balance Pavilion? Next Opportunity Comes Against Warriors

The Sacramento Kings haven't won since fans sold out the final game ever at ARCO Arena on Feb. 28. That's six straight losses, the fourth such streak of the season. Sacramento has two eight-game losing streaks; it would take losing consecutive home games to the Warriors and Cavaliers for that to happen again. Is it possible? If so, may Power Balance find itself hexed, and immediately dissolve.

Golden State visits after dispatching the Wolves (and Kevin Love's double-double streak) on Sunday. Of all the teams to break Love's run, the Warriors might have been the least likely: Golden State plays up-tempo, is bad at defense and can't rebound. Yet Love scored just six points in 32 minutes, and poof. The magic is gone.

Marcus Thornton is Sacramento's new scoring machine; he has hit double-figures in each appearance for Sacramento, and broke 20 on Saturday in his return to New Orleans. DeMarcus Cousins had a great week too, and figures to leave David Lee and company some bruises. HighTops has the full scouting report, while CSN's Matt Steinmetz wonders what might have been if these teams were ever good at the same time.

Game's at 7. Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Per usual, try to chant "Sac-ra-men-to!" during the Warriors' free throws and "Here We Stay!" during jumpballs and at the start of quarters. Let's build momentum through March as fans, even if the team isn't having much luck.