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Sacramento Kings Hope For Home Win Over Sixers Before Road Trip

The Sacramento Kings hope to wash the taste from a bad loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers out of their mouths as the Philadelphia 76ers visit Friday. The Kings dropped Wednesday's game to the worst team in the league after acing the Warriors at PBP on Monday. Friday is the last chance for a home win for a while; beginning Sunday, the Kings play five straight on the road.

This game marks Spencer Hawes' return to Sacramento; this will be Shawes only visit of the season since being traded with Andres Nocioni for Samuel Dalembert in June. Hawes has been the starting center for a playoff team, despite bad production. So it's hard to exactly offer up a laugh and a "Told ya so, Philly!" considering that the Kings remain completely awful at 16-50. Cheers to Hawes, who will experience playoff basketball for the first time as a pro, as the Sixers will play Boston, Miami or Chicago in the first round.

The Sixers have a solid defense led by point guard Jrue Holiday and wing Andre Iguodala. Check out HighTops' scouting report for more. Game at 7, threads at 7 and 8:30. Come on, Kings!