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Here We Stay Chant Plan Update And Meet-Up Info

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As we said Monday, Here We Stay will continue after our amazing successful sell-out effort against the Clippers. Many of you still have signs and t-shirts, and many of you have said you're going to as many games as possible from here on out. Good! We have simplified the chant plan so we can get some good chants going during all the games, including tonight's match-up against the Blazers.

Here's the plan. Spread the word, and try to get your neighbors in the arena involved.

At the start of every quarter and during every jumpball: "HERE WE STAY! HERE WE STAY!"

During opponent free throws: "SAC-RA-MEN-TO!" clap clap clap-clap-clap

Make 'em hear it! And please do go to as many games as you can afford to. Boosted attendance can only help. If you have signs from Monday or are making your own, bring 'em! The Kings had no problem allowing them in and even showing a few on the telecast. Photo wires like Associated Press and Getty are taking photos for publication, too, so sports fans all over the world are seeing our efforts.

Before each home game we'll be opening a front page thread so that those who are going can arrange for meet-ups and coordinate Here We Stay efforts. If you have extra tickets and want seats filled by passionate Kings fans, this is also a good place to accomplish that.

In the meantime, there are plenty of good and/or cheap tickets available for tonight's game, including a whole row of $10 seats in section 207. Great vantage points. You can skip Ticketmaster fees by going to the box office at the arena, which opens at 10 AM.