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Kings Look To Power Through Balanced Blazers

It's the first night of Power Balance Pavilion! Only, the building doesn't say "Power Balance Pavilion," because Power Balance -- a company that makes the fashion accessory equivalent of a sugar pill -- has decided it might be gauche to put its brand on a building that might lose its pro team in six weeks. Woo!

If you can't tell, I'm vascillating wildly between nose-to-the-grindstone hope and bemused surrender. Every day's news seems to bring another indication the Maloofs are packing the vans. But every thought of life without the Sacramento Kings pushes me to ignore those indications and keep thinking of ways to keep the team in town. Ergo, Blazers! Kings! Sacramento, California!

The Blazers come in having lost two straight at home, including a Tuesday game against the Rockets. Luis Scola abused LaMarcus Aldridge and Gerald Wallace, and Kyle Lowry did some damage to Andre Miller. The Kings have limited Aldridge in both matchups this season; LMA had 23 on 24 shots in a Portland win on Jan. 19, and just nine on 4-14 shooting in a Kings win Jan. 24. Samuel Dalembert will get most of the duty, though Jason Thompson will be counted on as well.

For a fuller, richer scouting report, check out HighTops' piece.

Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Remember to be LOUD if you're in the arena. Let's stay Kings!