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A Quick Word On Efforts To Boycott A Game

With all due respect to Doug Elmets, who has been well-respected in Sacramento over the years, I don't personally support his bizarre idea to boycott the Sacramento Kings' April 1 game, and several other leaders of the Here We Stay agree. To ask fans who have already spent hard-earned cash -- through season tickets or otherwise -- to set it on fire is simply absurd; if the Maloofs are indeed planning to relocate the team to Anaheim, these fans have only so many games during which to scream and cheer for the Sacramento Kings. And you want them to relinquish an opportunity in order to show our displeasure? I think our displeasure is well-known!

Here We Stay is a movement about showing everyone -- the Maloofs, the NBA, Sacramento city and regional leaders -- that Sacramento cares about the Kings and NBA basketball. Abandoning the team before it abandons us is just silly, in this case. I wish Elmets had thought better of his call to inaction, and I hope he spends further time doing PR work for his clients rather than push terrible ideas.

So to recap: we encourage anyone with tickets to the April 1 game to go, buy as many concessions as they choose to, and have lots of fun. If you want to buy tickets to the April 1 game, please do! By attending as many games as possible the remainder of the season, you help show the NBA how much Sacramento cares, even as the team challenges for the worst record in the league.

And please please please attend the April 11 game against the Thunder. This is for us!