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Sacramento Kings Visit Chicago Bulls, Ready To Launch Wicked Prank

The Sacramento Kings move next to Chicago, where they hope to embarrass the Bulls. The Kings were able to embarrass the Wolves on Sunday, difficult to do, really, considering how low the standards have become in Minnesota. The standards are different in Chicago, where the Bulls share the top place in the East, and where a mere win by the Kings would provide humiliation enough. No 32-point win or 35-point comeback (never forget!) needed.

The task will be tall; no reports suggest Tyreke Evans is quite ready, despite some recent practice work. It looks like he'll re-debut on this road trip, but not in Chicago. Carlos Boozer, however, will be in action, which creates a challenge for a Kings frontline usually able to go as deep as any opponent. That won't be the case opposite the Bulls, who feature not just Boozer and Joakim Noah, but Omer Asik and still-one-of-the-best-post-defenders-in-the-league Kurt Thomas. And, uh, Brian Scalabrine.

HighTops digs deeper in his scouting report; please check it out. The game begins at 5 PM Pacific; game threads scheduled for 5 and 6:30. Yeah Kings!