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Mayor Kevin Johnson Is Not Optimistic The Sacramento Kings Can Be Saved

While he stopped just short of declaring the Sacramento Kings gone gone gone, Mayor Kevin Johnson in a Thursday press conference said it's more likely that the Kings will relocate to Anaheim. He actually started to say at the start of his speech that it was "extremely" likely, but stopped himself mid-sentence and ended up saying that Sacramento probably can't affect the outcome of the Maloofs' decision. In other words: the Kings are gone unless Anaheim screws up at the last minute.

Mayor Johnson also said that the Maloofs have declined to provide financial documents start by the group attempting to assess the feasbility of a new downtown arena. The Maloofs had provided some documents late last week, but not the full breadth of what David Taylor and ICON had requested through the mayor's arena task force.

So here we are: with what is essentially a lame duck team. There's no deal in place in Anaheim, as Johnson said, but it seems like just a matter of time.

Things don't sound great.