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Sacramento Kings Look To Put A Dent In Rockets

The Sacramento Kings are back home after a weekend in Utah, with the Houston Rockets arriving to test mettle and play ball. The Kings have dropped two straight after beating the Clippers a week ago. Each loss -- to the Blazers in Sacramento and at the Jazz -- were close, with the defeat in SLC coming in overtime. It got to overtime precisely because the Kings ran possibly the best endgame play they have all season, and because Marcus Thornton has incredible, incredible stones.


The Rockets pose a tougher challenge, though home court advantage might flip the script. Houston is 32-32, hunting for the final playoff spot in the West. Kevin Martin, a familiar friend, leads the way with 23 points per game (in 31 minutes, on .608 True Shooting). As you might expect, the Rockets have an incredible offense (No. 4 in the NBA), but a rather dreadful defense (No. 24). Some would call that the cost of doing business, I suppose.

The tip-off is at 7. If you're in attendance, please be loud. Shout encouragement at your friends and words of hatred and derision at your foes! Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Your friend Aykis will have a post-game recap.