Here We Stay - The Rally

The Kings have one foot out the door, there's no denying that. But as long as there are people who want to continue to fight we will push forward and we will continue that fight with whatever weapons we have. Personally, I will continue to hold out hope until the moving vans are full and the name on the jersey no longer says Sacramento. As long as there's hope, there's something to do and that's how we intend to move forward.

So we have began our campaign to go at the owners and somehow convince them to help us out. It's long shot, but everything we do right now is exactly that. It's a great start and we want to promote it as much as we can. That's one front we are trying to go at.

A second one is going to be putting some pressure on our city officials. We have all heard Kevin Johnson say that there's not much Sacramento can do anymore and while we acknowledge this could be the case, we're not going to just sit and let it become a reality. If fans are not ready to give up, then why would our representatives do just that? We want to let our city council know that we're still here and we would like their support. For that, Here We Stay would like to organize a rally before an upcoming city council meeting.

The preliminary plan is to have a bit of a demonstration before the meeting and then go in as a group, step up to the podium during the open business part of the meeting and let our representative know we are still here and we need their help. We are also thinking about maybe presenting the plan James Ham wrote about at Cowbell Kingdom yesterday, a bit of a modification of the loan the Maloofs have with the city of Sac. All of this is obviously still up for debate.

At this point  though, we're just asking for fans who are willing to make it to this meeting to come forward. Gauging interest is key if we want to go ahead and follow through with this action. We are targeting the March 15th (if too soon, maybe try the one after) meeting. They usually begin at 6pm (City Hall is on 9th and I street) so we would need everyone to show up at 5.30-5.45 at the latest to begin our demonstration. We have already heard from some fans who are ready to show up but we would like to have an even bigger army. To make our voices heard we need a good group of people, ideally in the 25-40 range.

Once we find out if this action is possible we will move forward with the planning and setting up a clear strategy. Please if you're interested in attending or supporting in some other way email me at and I'll make sure to keep you informed on what's going on. We need more support so we would really like to get as many fans as possible out there to show how serious we are.

One last thing I wanted to mention and definitely a personal take: at some point, we all have to realize that all of this that we are doing, we are doing for US. We're not doing stuff for the Maloofs, or for the politicians, or the NBA, or even for the city of Sac. I truly believe that this fight is for us too, because we believe this is the right thing to do. Of course we need to appeal to the owners and our politicians, but let that be a byproduct of your effort and your passion. I can honestly tell you I'm gonna continue to fight because I have the heart to do it, because I believe that what I do COULD make a difference, and because at the end of the day I will feel much better about myself after doing everything humanly possible to keep this team where it belongs. I hope I can get some people to join me on this.

And as always, if you have nothing nice to say, please choose a different thread to post. The Kings are still here and we'll continue to fight until they're not. I appreciate your understanding with this.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)