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Here We Stay Night 2: April 11 vs. Thunder -- Sell It Out

Our first Here We Stay Night against the Clippers was so successful that we're going to do it again on April 11 against (fittingly enough) the Oklahoma City Thunder. We're going to sell the gym out, and be loud, and show the NBA that Sacramento deserves to keep our team.

We set up a group rate; you can purchase tickets right here at a discount:

We're not setting up a specific donation fund because there were rather substantial flaws in it last time that resulted in many a headache, but we encourage those who wish to donate tickets to buy a pair and transfer them to StR/HWS members short on dough. Do that in the comments here -- please do not open new FanPosts/FanShots to give away or ask for tickets at this time. This thread, please.

Again, let's sell it out. We did it in a week last time. We have a month. Let's do this.