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Sacramento Kings Welcome Magic, Hope For A Bit Of Their Own

The Sacramento Kings face another tough team as the Orlando Magic are in town. The Kings didn't fair well Monday against the Houston Rockets, and Orlando is substantially better. Tyreke Evans remains out, and that remains a problem, despite the best effors of DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton.

Dwight Howard will pose a big challenge for both Cousins and Samuel Dalembert and, if he's unlucky enough to guard him, Jason Thompson. Howard was suspended for Monday's game against the Blazers due to too many techs, a problem we pray big DMC never faces (but know he might). As such, Dwight is rested and probably ready to destroy worlds.

The other Magician to keep an eye on is Ryan Anderson, the El Dorado Hills native who does what so many power forwards do so well against Sacramento: shoot long jumpers. Anderson could become a real problem as the Kings' defense converges on Dwight.

HighTops has the scouting report. Tip at 7; game threads at 7 and 8:30. Yeah Sacramento!