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Tyreke Evans To Start As Kings Face Nuggets In Sacramento

The Sacramento Kings have had a bit of success over the past week playing Tyreke Evans with Marcus Thornton. In some incarnations, the guards play with two forwards and a center. In other, Beno Udrih joins them, effectively making Evans a small forward, where some feel he could be best suited. Tonight, Paul Westphal will go with Evans and Thornton as the guards and Udrih coming off the bench as the Kings face the Denver Nuggets.

Beno's defense is such that I could never complain about moving him to the bench. He tries hard enough regularly, but his lateral quickness is bad, he can't handle screens effectively and he doesn't create many turnovers at all. But I would like to see Evans at small forward, being completely in the tank for Kyrie Irving. But this works, too.

The Kings meet the Nuggets at 7 PM Pacific. Game threads at 7 and 8:30. Check out HighTops' scouting report.