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Sacramento Kings Try To Bring Home A Win From Golden State

The Sacramento Kings play their final road game of the season tonight in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors. All told, the Kings have been OK on the road, 12-28 to this point. "OK" is relative, with the contrasting comparison here being that ghastly 11-28 home record. Yes, the Kings have -- to this point -- been as bad at home as on the road. Losing all those home games against bad teams in November and December hurt terribly.

The subplot, of course, is that the final two games at home -- Monday against Oklahoma City, Wednesday against L.A. -- are fraught with emotion, if not for all of the players then for we the fans, the broadcast team and the longtime franchise and arena employees. How many fans and employees have been around longer than the Maloof family in Sacramento? I mean, section214 has been around more than twice as long. All of that time, all of that energy, and it could come down to this week, these few days.

We'll deal with that when it arrives, but this is to say it is very difficult to watch any Kings game -- in the ol' Gas Pump or from far-flung locales -- without weary eyes and a heavy chest.

HighTops, that great champion, has a scouting report. The tip comes at 6 PM; game threads at 6 and 7:30. Come on, Kings.