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Here We Stay Night 2: Let's Do This!

It's Here We Stay Night 2. We may not get a sell-out, but we're sure as f--k going to be loud and proud inside the Ol' Gas Pump.

* You can still get tickets through the arena box office (1-888-91-KINGS) and website. Get in there! Wednesday's Lakers game is basically sold out, so unless you have tickets for that already, this could be your final opportunity (sad as it is to type) to see the Sacramento Kings.

* We have the flyers for the chants, thanks to Ed. It's straightforward, but folks that aren't here every day need some help, so please print some flyers to take with you and pass around your section. The more people chanting, the better. Push your shyness aside and get loud.

* Jump with the Goon Squad at tip-off. Imagine if wide swaths of the arena joined in the bench's little hopping displa along with Sign Lady and the section behind the Kings' bench. It'd be an amazing show of support.

* BE LOUD! (Did I mention that already?)

* If you can, please show up early -- like 5:30 or 6, if you can -- to help Ed and the volunteers wave signs and get the crowd pumped early. That was a huge part of the success of HWS Night 1 -- Ed's crew got everyone jacked before they walked into the gym. Set the tone early, and prime the folks that don't know about us.

* Have fun.