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When I hung this shingle in 2005, I had no clue where we'd go. Even then, there were questions about whether the Kings were long for Sacramento. There were certainly questions about whether the Kings would be able to rebuild quickly. We're getting our answers now.

The Kings' rebuild is (finally) going well, with DeMarcus Cousins quietly, slowly answering the questions about whether his talent is greater than his red flags. Tyreke Evans has had a mostly miserable sophomore season, but we know Tyreke. We know Marcus Thornton. Things are looking up.

Except for the arena thing. That pesky little detail that's been in the back of our minds for so long, and now consumes so much of our thoughts. A year ago, it was draft order and prospect watching and wondering if we'd go after a small forward or if Omri or Donte would win the spot. Now? It's all about the arena, the relocation, the Board of Governors.

It's with remarkable pride that I see passionate Sacramento Kings fans fill up the Gas Pump, chanting for a couple of millionaires to pick loyalty over money. With remarkable pride that I watch StR members like Ed, James, Akis, Rob and the gang fight so hard to amplify what's in our hearts. When I hear the crowd chant "Here We Stay!" during Kevin Durant free throws at the end of an iced game, my chest swells and, should they stay or they go, I know that we've won. We've met our goal. They know how we feel, and they know we refused to go down without a fight, and they know that we never abandoned the Kings. The Kings might abandon us, but we never abandoned the Kings. Not when they lost, not when it seemed obvious we would lose them. Never.

Thank you to everyone who has made a peep about Here We Stay, in the arena, on the web, in their office or home, in spirit, loudly. This is our victory, all of us.