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Fan Depreciation Night

Editor’s Note – The following is in no way, shape or form a commentary on the recent relocation situation. It is in direct response to how I felt about the "service" that I, a longtime Kings fan, received at tonight’s game.

April 13, 2011

To: Maloof Sports & Entertainment, Joe & Gavin Maloof

Re: Cancellation of Season Tickets, Section 214, Row G, Seats 11-12

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as my notification that I am cancelling my season tickets, effective immediately.

As a season ticket holder in name since 1995, and a shareholder in tickets under different name(s) since 1986, I never thought that I would see this day come. I have endured some dreadful seasons over the years, but have never complained to you or prior ownership about the product. I went through a few seasons of overpriced tickets, and never issued one whisper of discontent. As Maloof Sports & Entertainment, you established a track record of going the extra mile for the fan. You hung your hat (and your reputation) on service and the fan experience. And that is why I found the treatment that the fans received at the last game of the season – "Fan Appreciation Night" – so appalling.

Understand, you set the bar for this evening over the years, with handouts at the door, prizes throughout the evening, and a halftime ceremony where you placed deserving fans in a "Hall of Fame," honoring them with attention and praise. And you have always been in attendance.

But there were no handouts at the door tonight. There were no prizes (except for the burgers and tacos that your fast food sponsors gave away). The halftime ceremony was mailed in, as the "honorees" were shepherded on and off the floor in a matter of seconds with minimal comment and fanfare. And you were nowhere in sight. Had it not been for the "Fan Appreciation Night" logo that was flashed every now and then on the Jumbo Tron, no one would have known that this was a night set aside for the organization’s "appreciation" of their fan base.

Please know that my discontent is completely independent of all of this relocation talk. You can go back and shake out the comments at Sactown Royalty, and you will find that while I do not find you faultless for this situation, I am more disappointed with the City of Sacramento, and I am resigned to the fact that if Anaheim offers you a better deal than Sacramento, as businessmen you have to seriously consider said offer. Throughout the duration of this relocation process, I have viewed this as strictly a business deal. Supply and demand.

However, tonight you disrespected me, your longtime, supportive, positive, on-time paying customer. You disrespected me by not thanking me at the door. You disrespected me by not appreciating me during the evening. You disrespected me by not being present.

I have retained my tickets over the years through thick and thin and thinner and anorexic. I have retained them at great personal and financial expense. I have retained them in large part because you have always shown me that you valued my business. But you failed miserably tonight.

What is between you and the City of Sacramento is between you and the City of Sacramento. But tonight was between you and me. And you spit the bit big time. Please know that I will no longer attend any event or visit any venue that has your name associated to it. In this day and age, I work way too hard to hand my few entertainment dollars over to an organization that has apparently lost the meaning of customer service and valuing the client.

Good luck in your future endeavors. For your sake, I hope that you treat your customers better in the future. Otherwise, I fear that it might eventually begin to have a financial impact on your various enterprises.

Go Kings!