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Sactown Royalty Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The question has been answered in the comments before, but just so it's clear to all who traipse upon these hallowed grounds: we're not going anywhere, no matter what happens.

If in a week's time the Maloofs pack up the stagecoach and mosey on out, Sactown Royalty won't burn. (Well, figuratively it may, like Paris 1789.) Should the relocation move forward, Sactown Royalty will stick around to monitor local arena efforts, shake index fingers at the Grant Napears and Ailene Voisins, promote awesome sportswriting elsewhere on the web, remember the good ol' days and let section214 travel time and space.

Should the team relocate, the content here may slow without the day-to-day machinations of a team to follow, but we have some activities lined up, including but not limited to: the adoption of an Indian Premier League cricket team, the formation of the League of Concerned Basketball Fans, more #HereWe____ campaigns (#HereWeFilet, a fish-cleaning seminar, is a personal favorite) and regular commentary on NBA haps.

Many of you would take your lives back, if the team leaves, and I'm definitely OK with that. Many will abandon the NBA. I'm OK with that. But I've been watching basketball since David Stern had a mustache. I'm not going to let some very wealthy men ruin my fun.

And if the relocation collapses, and the Kings stay in Sacramento? Aykis is throwing everyone a barbecue (#HereWeSteak!), we're painting the town purple and coverage of your Sacramento Kings will be better than ever next season.

Until we know either way, stay the course.

(And on a less snarky note, thank you thank you thank you to all who have shared these special six seasons of basketball with us. Every single member of our community is cherished; if you leave for want or hate of basketball, know that you will be missed dearly.)