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Sacramento Kings Win Tiebreaker With Jazz, Most Likely To Land No. 5 Pick

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The NBA just announced that as a result of a tiebreaker drawing, the Sacramento Kings will pick ahead of the Utah Jazz (who own the New Jersey Nets' first-round pick) should neither team land in the top 3 in the May 17 NBA Draft Lottery. It barely affects the teams' odds of grabbing a top 3 pick -- Sacramento gets one extra combination in the 1,001 possible, equating a 0.1% improvement in odds -- but could be a big deal if neither team leaps.

If neither team wins a top 3 pick and no team ahead of them in standings (meaning teams with better records), leap up, the Kings would pick No. 5 and the Jazz No. 6. The Kings can fall no further than No. 8, but it's highly unlikely they'd land further down the No. 6.

The draft is in the end of June. Sacramento could really use a top 3 pick, but picks No. 4 (Tyreke Evans) and No. 5 (DeMarcus Cousins) have worked out pretty well.